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The Hot Violinist Duet: On The Beach from Queen of The Damned

Corrin Evans and Jenny OConnor play On The Beach, from The Queen of the Damned movie soundtrack. Recorded in a beach house in Venice CA. Come to...

On The Beach From Queen of The Damned

Fiddle by Chopsticks. This music sheet ( by ear) is available at my Facebook page-

On The Beach - Queen Of The Damned

On The Beach - Queen Of The Damned Lestats Violin, Beach with Gypsy Girl.

Queen of the dammed lestat violin with sheet music/on the beach

please read this i made a mistake on this i do not know how i didnt see this till now but the sheet music IS not IN order I EM working ON A new...

On The Beach, Queen of the Damned - vampire Lestat violin solo cover (Indian violin!)

Hi friends, stay connected to my facebook page - Download this song on Amazon:...

Queen of the Damned - The Perfect Violin Solo

This track is from the movie Queen of the Damned originally played by L Shankar. Didnt sound right without the beat and base, so had to program them in.

Queen Of The Damned. On The Beach Violin part written out.

On the beach violin written out for two violins. The second violing will need to drop their G string to a F in order to play the F. I did this in a short amount of time...

The Queen Of The Damned Violin - Sushane Shankar

Sushane Shankar - Violin.

Queen of the Damned (on the beach)

lestat on the beach.

Gibbs Richard & Jonathan Davis - On The Beach

Queen of the Damned ost.