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This is Australian Rules Football

Long live afl. Edited by Paul Thomas Songs: Battle by Steve Jablonsky Unstoppable by E. S. Posthumus.

What is AFL? Aussie Rules Explained

What is afl? Australian Football also known as afl, Aussie Rules or Footy is a fast, skilful, tough game played by some of the fittest professional athletes on the...

The Rules of Australian (Aussie Rules) Football - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Australian Rules Football. A beginners explanation of afl Aussie Rules Football. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how...

Aussie Rules AFL Hard Hits

Some of the best Hard Hits from Australian Rules Football afl. Americans take note that Real Men dont wear padding like in your nhl nfl afl Lacrosse.

What is Australian Rules Football?

Australian Rules Football Is Hard To Explain. Hopefully This Video Helps. Find Out More at Here is where you can find your nearest team in...

Highlights 2014 AFL Grand Final - Hawthorn v Sydney Swans

Full match highlights from the 2014 Toyota afl Grand Final, as the best two teams of the year clash on the last Saturday in September. For more video, head to...

The Australian Bringing Former NFLers to Aussie Rules

Australian Rules Football brings in thousands of fans for each match, millions in revenue and virtually zero attention from the US. Miro Gladovic is trying to...

Best Australian Rules Football Fights

A compilation of some of the biggest and best fights, whacks, and bumps in Australian Rules Football from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s.

Insane Compilation Of Massive Hits And Knockouts In Aussie Rules Football

Insane Compilation Of Massive Hits And Knockouts In Aussie Rules Football.

Bombers vs Tigers rd 9 2013

full game no sound 2nd quarter.